The seven columns of holistic animal health

With their product system, Dr.Clauder´s offers everything that cats and dogs need to be healthy, vital and beautiful, to live and grow old with us. Whether the human likes it comfortably convenient or prefers to employ himself with the diet of his pet and the personal influence is desired.

Dr.Clauder offers with Best Choice by Dr.Clauder’s a super premium dry nutrition, with Dr. Clauder’s Selected Meat for dogs and Selected Pearls for cats a natural, high-quality moist nutrition and with Dr.Clauder’s Function & Care Supplemental Nutrition everything that is needed to meet the special nutritional needs for every day and for every animal. Healthy and above all extremely low-fat snacks round up the assortment. Dr.Clauder also offers products from the Beauty & Care Line, as well as products for the hygiene on and around the animals and products for pest control on the animal and in its enviroment.

We call it the “seven columns of holistic animal health” and that’s what makes our product portfolio so unique.