Dry Food

Dry Food Best Choice

Dr.Clauder’s Best Choice for dogs

An appropriate nutrition, tailored to the animal’s individual needs is the backbone for a long and vital life.

With the Best Choice series by Dr.Clauder’s, we offer your dog and your cat a Super Premium Dry Feed, which corresponds qualitatively to the highest standards. And so the individual, appropriate nutrition for your beloved pet is secure. With dogs especially, there are significant changes in his nutritional needs due to age and life circumstances. Therefore Dr.Clauder`s Best Choice offers your dog Lifecycle products that are perfectly tailored to the age of the animal.

Special products (Sensitive & Hyposensitivity) with which you can specifically respond to overweight, sensitivity or changes in energy demand, complete the holistically orientated assortment.

Best Choice products offer even your cat the foundation for fitness and wellbeing well into old age. Optimal nutrition, whether a house or outdoor cat, whether overweight or sensitive. Food that delights even the gourmet cat.

Dry Nutrition for cats with Fresh Meat

The recipes for cats  have been optimised and adapted in countless comparison and acceptance tests, so that all products obtain the highest possible acceptance. The new dry food line was developed for an especially long time. The result is a compact series consisting of four products: Kitten, Adult Fit, Adult grain free and Senior/Light – sterilised. All products are extruded with fresh meat and thus offer an optimum taste sensation. What is more, the use of wheat was consistently foregone.

A further segment of this new range is the wet therapeutic complete food diets as well as the dry. Dr.Clauder offers real therapy diets with these special products that like to be compared with products from the vet.