Who is Dr.Clauder?

We are the experts in the production of reliable, highly qualitative pet nutrition.

This is made possible by the competence of all our employees every day. The satisfaction of our customers is very important to us. For this reason, we support YOU in all possible concerns. This is the reason why YOU can trust us.

Family Company

Dr.Clauder is a medium-sized family business from the Lower Rhine area, with a long tradition and decades of expertise in the production of food and nutritional supplements for dogs and cats. Today, we are an owner-managed, modern and global operating company and stand for the highest quality „Made in Germany!“

Love of animals

The cohabitation between man and beast is one of empathy and responsibility, so we are committed to the welfare of the animals in the highest degree. The animal love, which is the incentive for the development of our products, is relived throughout the company. Our office dogs promote a healthy friendly working atmosphere and contribute to our positive motivation. Horizontal organization allows us to take responsibility and share our ideas.

Curiosity, creativity and innovation

Curiosity, creativity and the joy of innovation characterise our efforts to meet ever-changing demands.


For us, sustainability means creating added value in the long term by using resources responsibly. In addition, customer satisfaction is the focus of the company. The consumer places the highest demands on the food for his pet that can only be found through the approval of high quality products. A high level of quality of the products is accompanied by a high traceability of raw materials (IFS certification). This documentation allows security and creates trust. In addition, social responsibility can be fully justified through regular donations.