What we believe in

"Responsible pet nutrition" is the motto for our brand and symbolizes everything we believe in. We take responsibility for our products and for our behavour. With the brand Dr.Clauder's we create high quality pet food, nutritional supplements and care products.

Because we know exactly what pets need -
and the pets know exactly what they want.

The relationship between humans and pets is characterized by love and trust, therefore we are committed to the welfare of the pets in the highest degree. Our pets have trust in our choices. That's why it's so important to take care on the welfare of the pets in every life situation.

Dogs and cats trust that masters and mistresses only want the best for them, and responsible pet owners can trust on Dr.Clauder's high-quality products: Because trust is the key to a strong relationship between humans and pets. Trust me, I will do everything for you - I do it for you.
This is Dr. Clauder's responsible pet nutrition!

We drive with healthy backs!

In order to meet the special work requirements of our sales representatives, the workshop "Ergonomics for frequent drivers" took place in our headquarters in June.

Teambuilding at Lasertag