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Mackerel Cream with Aloe Vera

Complementary feed for dogs and cats. Composition: Mackerel 28.7%, aloe vera 4%, Vegetable oil 2%, Tuna bone meal 0.6%. Analytical Constituents: crude protein 6%, crude fat 2%, crude ash 1%, crude fibre 0.1%, moisture 86%. Additives/kg: Nutritional additives: vit. E 100mg, taurine 196mg. Technological additives: thickener. Feeding advice: see table. Administration suggestion: Always provide fresh water! Store in a cool and dry place. For more information - please scan the QR code.

Mackerel Cream with Aloe Vera

Body weight g/day
1kg-3kg 15g-30g
3kg-5kg 45g-70g
>5kg 75g-90g

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