#clauderverse - the Dr.Clauder platform for you and your pet

Making the coexistence between humans and animals happier and thus making the world a little bit better - that is our vision at Dr.Clauder.

Did you know that you play an important role in achieving this vision? With the help of your opinion on our products and services, we get a little closer to our goal every day.

The #clauderverse is more than an opinion forum - it brings us animal lovers around the globe closer together: Here you can read opinions from like-minded people, network with them and watch the most beautiful stories from the #clauderverse - simply by clicking on the glowing dots. You can also rotate the #clauderverse with your mouse or finger.
And the best thing about it: You too can become part of this unique community - you can find out how below.

Become part of the Clauderverse
Would you like to share your opinion of Dr.Clauder's with other animal lovers? Then register yourself and your four-legged friend now - we will guide you through the registration process and show you how to publish your contribution in the Clauderverse.

In order for you and your pet to get your own ster in the Clauderverse, we need your contribution.
This consists of two parts:

  • Short, authentic video of life with your pet. [i]
  • A personal statement about the benefits of Dr.Clauder's products. [i]

Everything ready?