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Dr.Clauder's - Animal nutrition out of responsibility

Acting with responsibility and shaping the future with sustainability. In accordance with the corporate value "We act with responsibility", Dr.Clauder has set itself the goal of both animal welfare and the well-being of its employees. In addition to sustainable and environmentally friendly activities, we are committed to the welfare of people and animals through social projects and fundraising campaigns. In cooperation with Spix, we also support people with disabilities, we support the Lions and Rotary Club and we are a member of the Friends of the Westphalian University.

Production Made in Germany

Future-oriented mobility

In view of its overall corporate responsibility, Dr.Clauder also feels obliged to create framework conditions that enable customers and employees, as individual members of society, to contribute to global sustainable development.

For this purpose, a special "bicycle garage" for e-bikes was built. Here, all employees who already have an electrically powered bicycle can "refuel" directly on the Dr.Clauder premises in an environmentally friendly and unrestricted manner - and the e-bike is kept dry and absolutely safe.

Electric and hybrid company vehicles

Renewable energies:
Solar installation on the production roof

By generating energy from our solar panels on our production roof, we are already able to cover 50 % of our own energy requirements with self-produced electricity.

Social commitment:
An apple a day keeps the doctor away

In addition to an extensive offer for our employees in the area of occupational health promotion, a varied fruit basket is available to our employees once a week. A piece of health is good for everyone: fruits are real power packs and we thus specifically promote the health and well-being of the Dr.Clauder team.

In addition to tasty fruit, our employees have access to a varied range of discounted lunch packages for a healthy lunch break. We use home-cooked soups and stews from the neighbouring yard sale.

Heart projects

We regularly donate and organise our DogNoseday in Wesel for furry noses in need. All proceeds from this event are donated to an animal shelter. Dr.Clauder always rounds up the donation amount very generously.

Sports sponsorship of sled dog athletes and other dog sports

We are very active in dog sports and support e.g. agility clubs and are very active in sled dog sports. We are particularly proud that we were able to win the sled dog champion Rudi Ropertz from Borken for our brand and have been working together for decades.

Dr.Clauder is in the sponsoring association of the WHS

We regularly take on student projects at the WHS University of Applied Sciences. In addition to the theoretical background, this gives students the opportunity to gain their first practical experience. Many of the projects could already be implemented at Dr.Clauder's.

Perspectives for people with disabilities

We successfully cooperate with the regionally based rehabilitation facility "WfbM Spix e.V." Spix provides people with disabilities with a professional challenge and perspective and integrates them into normal professional life. This provides a regular daily routine and strengthens self-confidence.

People who cannot find work on the general labour market because of a physical, mental or psychological disability have a legal right to a job in a workshop for disabled people. The workshop of Spix e.V. from Wesel offers people with a mental handicap exactly this opportunity. These jobs are workshop places in a workshop for the disabled or integration in cooperating companies such as Dr. Clauder.

The working group of the garden and landscape department of the Spix workshop, for example, takes care of the outdoor facilities at Dr.Clauder every 14 days on 2 working days each, which look impeccable thanks to this great support. In addition, Dr.Clauder has often been supported by the Spix team in packing promotional goods. Most recently, 3 employees from the workshop spent several weeks helping out at our Hamminkeln site in autumn 2022.

How we live sustainability internally

Dr.Clauder has a dedicated sustainability team, which is responsible for the further development of sustainability goals.

The team supports the different departments in achieving the goals and communicates closely with the management. We invest in the continuous implementation of our sustainability topics. In addition, Dr.Clauder trainees from all locations are trained as energy scouts.

New bee hotels at Dr.Clauder!

It's buzzing and humming on our company premises "Auf dem Stemmingholt". Our insect hotels are ready! 🐝
Over the last few weeks, we have installed and filled our self-built insect hotels in collaboration with the beekeeper Christof Stenpaß.

Now our office environment is not only a place of relaxation for us and our four-legged friends, but also a new home for a total of 5 bee colonies. Insect hotels provide a protected shelter for various insect species. With this small sustainability project, we want to make a contribution to preserving pollination services and protecting local species.

🌱 BEE HAPPY with Dr Clauder!

Code of Conduct

1. foreword

Dr.Clauder group of companies attaches great importance to social and ecological sustainability in the cooperation with business partners as well as in the entire supply chain. In this respect, the Code of Conduct describes the fundamental principles for the cooperation of all stakeholders. The principles contained represent minimum standards for our business relationships.

2. compliance with the law

We undertake to comply with national and international laws and regulations, in particular with regard to:

  • Compliance with and respect for human rights
  • Environmental protection and sustainability
  • Workers' rights
  • Occupational safety

3 Human rights

3.1 Forced labour and human trafficking

We, our business partners and suppliers undertake to respect and protect human rights, not to tolerate any form of forced labour or human trafficking and to employ staff only if they have decided to do so of their own free will.

3.2 Child labour & employment of young people

- No child labour or exploitation of children and young people

- Children and adolescents must be at least 15 years old and also have reached the age at which local compulsory schooling ends.

- Dangerous, unsafe or unhealthy work may not be carried out by children and young people.

3.3 Discrimination We do not tolerate discrimination on the basis of gender, religion, national, ethnic or social origin, nationality, race, skin colour, physical or mental disabilities, sexual orientation or other personal characteristics.

4. working conditions

We have a binding expectation from our business partners & suppliers that working conditions, workplaces and working environment comply with all applicable laws and regulations with regard to workers' rights, occupational safety and environmental protection.

4.1 Working hours

  • Applicable laws and industrial standards shall be applied as the basis for working hours
  • All regulations, such as daily maximum working hours, minimum wage, minimum age, data protection, etc. must be complied with.
  • After a working week of 6 consecutive days, workers are entitled to at least one day off.
  • Overtime and overtime must be on a voluntary basis and must be paid extra.

4.2 Payment of wages and salaries

  • Wage/salary slips must be given to workers on a regular basis
  • Illegal and unauthorised deductions from wages, especially in the form of disciplinary action, are not permitted.
  • Agreed wages and salaries must be at least equal to the legal minimum wage or the usually prescribed minimum wage and must be based on applicable laws, tariffs, etc.

4.3 Occupational Safety & Health

  • Applicable safety regulations, which result, among other things, from state laws and regulations for the respective activity or from contractual regulations, must be complied with.
  • We expect that everything is done to prevent accidents, damage to health and illnesses that could occur in connection with the relevant activity.
  • Employees must be regularly informed and instructed about applicable health protection regulations and laws. Written evidence of this must be kept.
  • Injured or ill employees must be treated with respect.
  • Medical treatment of work-related injuries and illnesses must be guaranteed.

5 Environment & Sustainability

Sustainability is about sticking with it, not perfection.

5.1 Sustainability & sustainable development

  • Sustainability should be an integral part of our daily working life, so that we make the world a little bit more liveable every day.

5.2 Environmental rights & laws

  • Legal obligations, environmental and conservation regulations must always be complied with.
  • Everyone should work continuously to avoid and reduce environmental pollution.
  • This also applies to waste management and compliance with guideline values for emissions to air, water and soil.

5.3 Sustainable production

  • In the long term, the aim is to develop environmentally and socially compatible production.

6. unlawful payments, gifts & hospitality

We expect all stakeholders to deal with third parties in a correct and transparent manner so that no dependencies, obligations or influences arise.

6.1 Bribery & Corruption
Dr. Clauder rejects corruption at home and abroad and endeavours to prevent such actions and to take precautions to avoid them. In general, the principle of separation and transparency must be observed when granting and accepting benefits of any kind: Monetary personal benefits in return for preferential treatment in business dealings may neither be offered, promised, granted, accepted nor approved. As a matter of principle, the dual control principle is to be upheld. We undertake to avoid all activities that lead to a conflict of interest. In this regard, managers are to serve as role models and are to promote business ethical responsibility in their business areas and encourage employees to comply with legal and internal company requirements.

Rules for accepting gifts:

Allowed without permission:

  • Promotional and courtesy gifts of low value.
  • Orientation value or maximum amount: 50,- EUR
  • Maximum per year and business partner < 75,- EUR
  • Subject to approval by the superior:
  • Individual value > 50,- EUR
  • Total value of one business partner per year > 75,- EUR
  • Documentation: Type, value and occasion of the gift, business partner

6.2 Anti-bribery/anti-corruption policy

  • The introduction of an anti-bribery and anti-corruption policy should be aimed for in the long term.

6.3 Customs and traditions of other nations

  • Where gifts are customary and courteous in nations, care should be taken to ensure that this does not create any obligatory dependencies and that applicable local laws are complied with.

7. confidentiality & data protection

Our business partners & suppliers are obliged to handle the data of the Dr.Clauder group of companies in a responsible and trustworthy manner.

  • Data such as product details, pricing, costs, customer data, employee information as well as other information about working methods must be treated with absolute confidentiality and require written permission for further use.
  • We expect discretion and a sense of responsibility from our suppliers when dealing with data about the services that others provide for us.
  • The confidentiality of such data must be ensured
  • Data of this kind must be protected against unauthorised dissemination.
  • The DC.Clauder group of companies must be notified in writing of any breaches of data protection. Reports can also be submitted anonymously.

Dr.Clauder Sustainability Agenda 2023/2024