Corporate Mission & VISION 2030

The course for a successful and sustainable future is based on 3 pillars:

The vision describes the goal we are striving for. With our mission we clarify how we want to realise our vision. Our core values show us the way in our daily actions.

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Our mission

In the here and now, our journey begins with our mission...

Our core values

...on which the company's basic values accompany us as the guiding principles of our actions...

Our vision achieve the great goal "VISION 2030" together with our employees and customers.

Our mission: animal nutrition out of responsibility

Our motto and thus our mission is more than an active promise to business partners and customers: It is a lived commitment and symbolises everything we believe in and stand for.

In order to achieve our vision "For a happier living between pets and humans around the world" and to meet our quality standards, we rely on innovative research and development in our own production. Our products offer sustainable added value.

In everything we do, we have the welfare of animals in mind. That is why pet owners can trust Dr.Clauder's products and services. Trust is the key to a strong partnership between people and animals, customers and companies.

That's Dr.Clauder's: animal nutrition out of responsibility!

We act with responsibility!
We inspire with passion!
We shape the future with sustainability!
We develop potential with teamwork!

Our core values

Our core values set the course for our entrepreneurial actions. They are also the basis for the orientation of Dr.Clauder in order to achieve our major goal, the "VISION 2030".

They are a promise against which all employees measure themselves every day.

These values apply equally to the entire team and are lived out regardless of position or department. The aim is for everyone (employees/customers/business partners) to recognise what Dr.Clauder stands for through our actions.

For us as a company it means that:

  • we stand by the core values permanently
  • we create the conditions to always enable internal action in the sense of the core values
  • we live our values internally and communicate them externally
  • in the future, all decisions will be made in accordance with our vision, mission and core values.

Our Vision 2030

Our vision is to make the coexistence of humans and animals happier and thus the world a little better with our products and services.

As an understanding and empathetic companion, friend and partner, we want to accompany them on their journey through life and make an important contribution to the health and joy of life of the animal.

It is our concern that humans and animals trust us. Because we always keep their wishes and needs in mind in our daily actions. Because we master challenges with great enthusiasm and thus significantly increase the quality of life of dogs and cats - and thus strengthen the relationship between owner and pet.

We create the balance between economic success and sustainability, innovation and tradition, passion and responsibility, as well as a harmonious relationship between humans and animals.

Therefore, our VISION 2030 is:
For a happier life between pets and people all over the world!