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Responsibility, expertise and quality "Made in Germany" - this is what the family-owned company Dr.Clauder from the Lower Rhine stands for and, based on these values, produces high-quality dry and wet food as well as supplementary food, snacks and B.A.R.F. for dogs and cats with the Dr.Clauder's brand.

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Dr.Clauder's - Animal nutrition out of responsibility

Tradition and expertise from the Lower Rhine - that is what distinguishes us as a Dr.Clauder's company. With the brand "Dr.Clauder's", we have been producing high-quality nutrition, supplementary feed and care products for dogs and cats since 1957.

Today we are an owner-managed, modern and globally active company that stands for the highest quality. "Made in Germany".

We meet our high quality standards through innovative research and development in our own production facilities. Each of our approximately 500 products offers you and your four-legged friend sustainable added value and an individual additional benefit. That's why we certify ourselves every year anew according to the strict IFS standard (a standard recognised by EU directives in the food sector).

In all our actions, we have the welfare of the animals in mind. That is why pet owners can trust our products and services. Trust is the key to a strong partnership between people and animals, customers and companies. Our motto "Animal Nutrition out of Responsibility" is not only an active promise to business partners and customers, but is a lived commitment and symbolises everything we believe in and stand for.

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Key Facts about Dr.Clauder

Founded 1957
The Dr.Clauder's brand was founded in 1957 by Dr. Heinz Clauder in Hamburg.
Products 500
In our assortment there are about 500 different products for dogs and cats. Each of these products has an individual additional benefit.
Countries 65
Our brand continues to grow. We are now represented in 65 countries around the world.
Staff 100
Over 100 employees with a total of 10 office dogs are now part of Dr.Clauder's team.
Office Dogs 10
Our team is also enriched by 10 office dogs, so that the four-legged friends at Dr.Clauder's don't miss out either.


Dr.Clauder: A family business with history

Would you like to know how Dr.Clauder came from Hamburg to the Lower Rhine? Here you can join us on a journey from the past to the present.