We produce ourselves in GERMANY
... on the Lower Rhine

We feel RESPONSIBLE to produce high quality food for dogs and cats using sustainable, first class raw materials & ingredients.

Due to our regional roots in the Lower Rhine region since 1957, we not only attach importance to our own production processes and raw materials, but along the entire supply chains of our also certified upstream suppliers.

We think about tomorrow and are expanding in Germany.
"Made in Germany" is very important to us and we are proud to be able to offer this to our customers.

For us, "Made in Germany" goes beyond excellent quality: this phrase means 100% trust. For this reason, all our products have a traceable raw material origin and clearly defined quality standards.

We are IFS ("Food", "Broker" and "Logistics") certified for our manufacturing, trading and logistics processes.

Brand new: We produce dried snacks in our own production facility in the Lower Rhine region - environmentally friendly and regional.

The result: shorter supply chains and lower transport costs for Dr.Clauder's. Thanks to our sustainable production "Made in Germany", we can implement current trends with great flexibility and circumvent the existing shortage of raw materials.

Areas of application and dosage forms

As a pet owner, you are concerned with more than just making sure your pet gets enough to eat. That's why we focus on optimising the nutrition for individual areas of application during production - the form of presentation also plays a role here.

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Behind the scenes: Our production