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Dr.Clauder’s natural herb powder restores immunity, zest for life and improved resistance. Harmoniously combined natural herbs with an optimal complex of natural ingredients, seaweed and many other natural components are the ideal supplement for a species-appropriate BARF diet.

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Complementary feed for dogs. Composition: herbal mixture 55% (lucerne clover, nettle, goldenrod, rosemary leaves, comfrey leaves, lady`s mantle, St. John`s wort, calamus root, moonwort, yarrow, pansy, burdock root, licorice root unpeeled, diatomaceous earth, anise, juniper beeries), malt, yeast, seaweed 5%, celery, lovage, dicalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate. Analytical Constituents: crude protein 14.5%, crude fat 1%, crude fibre 13.2%, crude ash 14%, calcium 1.0%, phosphorus 0.5%, sodium 0.2%. Feeding advice: Dose: daily 5g per 10kg body weight, maximum 25g. 1 coated teaspoon=ca. 3g, 1 coated tablespoon=ca. 10g). Administration suggestion: Always provide fresh water! Store in a cool and dry place. Always close properly. Filling height due to technical reasons.
Dosage: daily 5g per 10kg body weight, maximum 25g. 1 level teaspoon=approx. 3g, 1 level tablespoon approx. 10g).

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